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Papero Your Nutritionist Robot

Papero Nutrition Robotpapero nutrition robot

Want to shape up your body and a live a healthy life?

Get the Papero as your nutritionist. It will tell you the value of your salad and the best nutrition for your daily needs. It’ll certainly not recommend you to bite into the “Roti Canai” (Papero: “too much of FAT”) and “Teh Tarik” (Papero: “too much of sugar and not good for urogenital system”). ;) *Mamak, please don’t get mad with me for the fact above… :) >

Colbert : Malaysian local terms explained. Roti canai is local bread delicacy. Teh tarik is a local teh concoction. Mamak is the local Muslim Indian coffee shop.

Mamak stall / shop full term by AllMalaysia.Info

The term “mamak” is widely used, though it is not considered a polite term, to describe Indian Muslims. However, the term “mamak stalls” is not exclusively used to describe food stalls owned by members of that community. Rather, it has taken a wider meaning, due to its popularity, describing outdoor stalls of similar fashion that remain open till the wee hours of the morning.

Most mamak stalls open for business at about 5pm and remain open till way after midnight. It’s not uncommon to see a row of stalls taking up more than just the allocated sidewalk space, with plastic chairs and tables covering a portion of the adjoining lanes or road.

Papero Your Nutritionist Robot continued

A “health food advisor” who can tell how much fat and sugar my food has in it. Papero also has taste. It beams “infrared rays of various wave lengths and depending on the absorbency spectrum which is unique for every food item, it determines the taste by comparing the values.”

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