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Blackberry maker to launch Blackpad in November

Apple’s iPad has now to combat yet another competitor of great reputation. This competitor is Blackberry maker RIM.
Blackberry is about to launch in November a touchscreen tablet computer that will work with the Blackberry smartphone ecosystem called a BlackPad. According to the reports, the device will be of the size of the Apple’s iPad, which has so far sold over 3.3 million after it was launched in April. Blackpad will cost around 500 dollars and will feature a 22-centimetre screen and you will be able to access the Internet via both Wi-Fi and cellular connections, say the reports. It is also to be noted that Dell is launching its own mini-tablet, The Streak, in the U.S. The tablet will be available in the U.S by the end of the month. Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer on Thursday said the company is also working on tablet PC technology. Another company that is entering the tablet business is HP, the world’s largest PC maker, which will launch a tablet based on the WebOS operating system. Already, Samsung and LG have announced that it will release the tablet computers running Google’s Android operating system later this year. Motorola also will release an Android tablet in November

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