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Alarm Clock - Your worst nightmare

The SnuzNluz

The new SnuzNLuz alarm clock is works as a Wifi donation alarm clock and it’s connected to your bank account. Now put these together and….be afraid, be very afraid!!!

This clock, if you haven’t already figured that out, will make donation to the organization you hate the most every time you push the “snooze” button. So if you want to sleep more…it’s going to cost you. It has ethernet and Wifi and a browser based setup utility for connecting directly to your bank account. After that, you have to select your least favorite organization and set your alarm. The donation amount is 10$+(Be afraid!). When setup is ready you have to be careful of pressing the “snooze” button or you’ll be donating money to this charity organizations you detest.

Think about it: being a butcher and donate money to PETA or a land developer and donating to the Wilderness Society! That seems scary…might seem as the worst nightmare. So…be afraid, be very afraid!!! :-p

The SnuzNLuz is on sale at ThinkGeek! Just if you are brave enough….

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